Originally a 4 bedroom Victorian terrace in Birmingham, that had been split into 3 self-contained apartments: 

  • 1 x studio apartment

  • 1 x 1 bedroom apartment

  • 1 x duplex 2 bedroom apartment

Although the flats had been split, other than the Council Tax, the services had not. When we purchased the property, two of the flats were extremely dated and in disrepair.

We refurbished the 2 bedroom flat first by replacing the kitchen and bathroom, repainting all walls, ceilings and woodwork, and made good the walls where required.  We also replaced all floor covers and painted the exterior of the house and repaired the woodwork.  Finally, we split the services for this flat by installing a state of the art electric boiler.

​We then refurbished the 1 bedroom flat  where we replaced the kitchen and ensuite bathroom and repainted the walls, ceilings and woodwork.