We have been investing in property for years and our experience together with our invaluable property network, provide a number of reasons why we’re the right partners when it comes to investing in property. In the last couple of years we have successfully completed a number of accredited training courses and as investors ourselves we are best placed to advise our clients on getting started in property, the different strategies available, ensuring you are legally compliant and much more!

We offer two different ways to invest with us.


This is an opportunity to make an investment of a fixed sum in property through KoMo Properties.

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How It Works

You invest with us for a set period of time and we offer a fixed interest rate that is rolled up to the end of the loan term at which point the capital and accrued interest would be paid back. Earning you a far better return on your investment than what the banks are currently offering! 

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Why Invest For a Fixed Return

We give you the certainty of getting your money back at the end of the defined period or you might take the opportunity to re-invest. A contractual loan agreement would be prepared and guarantees may be given depending on the loan amount.



How it Works?

This is a similar opportunity to the Fixed Return Option.  You invest with us and in return we offer a fixed interest rate. However with this option you also get the opportunity to take part in our mentoring programme for a 6-month period and learn how to invest in property yourself.

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Why Earn & Learn?

You get a behind the scenes access to a live project(s) and learn about property development/refurbishment on site.  There is a minimum investment level of £30,000 for this option and a slightly lower interest rate is offered than the Fixed Return programme but you get the added value of live mentoring.